Technique for Followers with Rebecca Shulman
In this two hour tour de force Rebecca shares her incredibly comprehensive and articulate approach to analyzing the mechanics of the follower's part. She covers the basics of walking, ochos, and turns and adds subtle fine points for serious practice. There are sections on posture, ganchos, boleos, and embellishments. Exercises are taught at the bar, walking on one's own, and with a partner. (Daniel assists for partnering demonstrations.) This video is an important resource for both leaders and followers who wish to deepen their understanding of tango. Produced and edited by Daniel Trenner. (110 mins.)

Rebecca Shulman's tango career began in 1991 with Daniel Trenner, with whom she began to perform and to visit Buenos Aires.

Her Tango teachers include Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio, Tete and Maria, Juan Bruno, and Antonio Todaro. She has performed with the finest dancers of her generation, and given workshops across the U.S. Students everywhere seek Rebecca's clear instruction on improvisation, technique, adornments, and musicality. She has toured extensively in the US and in Europe.

Rebecca is a co-founder and artistic director of TangoMujer, which in 1999 received a National Dance Production grant from New England Foundation for the Arts. (visit www.tangomujer.org)

In 2002 Rebecca cohosted Bridge to the Tango's visit to Havana, Cuba, teaching tango to Cubans as part of a cultural exchange. Rebecca was also honored for 11 years of contribution to tango in the U.S. In February 2003 she performed in "Swango: the Fusion" and in "Avantango" at Town Hall.

In 2006 Jaimes Friedgen and Rebecca started the tango scene in Bombay.

More than a dozen of New York's current tango teachers are Rebecca's former students. Her dance partners after Daniel have included Omar Vega, Metin Yazir, Constantin Rueger, and Evan Griffiths. Every Monday night she hosts and dj's the largest milonga in New York, Luna, which has been running at Dance Manhattan for over twelve years. She has been affiliated with Dance Manhattan since 1994 helping develop the school's extensive Argentine tango program and curricula.

Born in New York City, Rebecca studied classical ballet all her life and Contact Improvisation and yoga since 1993.
Technique for Followers with Rebecca
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