Tango of Puppy Castello accompanied by Luciana Valle
Puppy Castello, who died in 2007, was one of the tango revival's most colorful characters. He said the reason he became so good at tango is that he had to, because being short, fat, and ugly, it was the only way to get girls to pay any attention to him. He danced tango since he was 12 years old, traveled extensively in Europe,and was very influential in the development of tango in Santiago and other parts of Chile. He was famous for his solid, steady musicality and balance. He had a very precise methodology for teaching the tango and on this video explains the basics and then shows how he creates more complex variations. This lesson is the only full length instructional tape Puppy ever filmed and is punctuated by his irrepressible humor and spirit. The tape includes a performance for the Bridge to the Tango '98 tour, and studio demonstrations throughout. Filmed in 1998 in Buenos Aires. Produced, edited, and translated by Daniel. (approx. 60 mins. V319)

Tango of Puppy Castello
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