Level II (level I discontinued & reviewed here) with Daniel & Rebecca
One of the most popular tango instructional videos ever sold, which introduces the "nuts and bolts" of the Argentine social dance. If you are serious about learning tango, whether brand new, or having had an introductory experience somewhere else, begin directly with this video. It includes exercises and steps for parallel and crossed walking, displacements of the feet in right and left turning figures, the creation of adornments for followers and leaders, step building with variations, and the art of improvisation. Demonstration dances begin and end the tape. (100 mins.) Produced and edited by Daniel.

Daniel and Rebecca were among the first partnerships (1991-96) to introduce serious social tango skills to dancers in North America. They were famous for the clear and concise organization of the material, easy to understand translations of the basic movements and techniques, and accessible exercises. Almost 20 years later, these videos are important and relevant markers of the styles in which the last generation of "milongueros" taught the first generation of revival tango teachers. Here is the underlying form, before any complications in the subsequent, and ongoing, waves of modern innovation.
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