Exchange of Lead and Follow with Daniel and Rebecca
After years of experimenting with this material, Rebecca and Daniel introduced "The Exchange of Lead and Follow" as a class at the Montreal Festival '98. This video is a review of those classes and an introduction to the theme. Either as a method for improving your knowledge of the tango, or as the beginning of a new way of social dancing, the material is both challenging and fun. Material covered includes energies of lead and follow, arm positions, phrasing, and stealing and giving up the lead, in walking, ochos, turning vocabularies. Produced and edited by Daniel. (70 mins. V107)

Daniel and Rebecca were among the first partnerships (1991-96) to introduce serious social tango skills to dancers in North America. They were famous for the clear and concise organization of the material, easy to understand translations of the basic movements and techniques, and accessible exercises. Almost 20 years later, these videos are important and relevant markers of the styles in which the last generation of "milongueros" taught the first generation of revival tango teachers. Here is the underlying form, before any complications in the subsequent, and ongoing, waves of modern innovation.
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