Digital Honor Policy
By purchasing and downloading material from iTangoCafe.com, I promise to uphold the entire iTangoCafe Digital Honor Policy:

  • I have purchased this digital download with full awareness and agreement that it is intended for my own personal use.
  • I promise I will only store and view it on media devices that I personally own.
  • I promise I will never post my download, in portion or in whole, to any file sharing service or public video sharing website (such as YouTube).
  • I recognize that iTangoCafe has chosen to trust me with unprotected digital files. I realize this makes my use of these files significantly easier.
  • I recognize that iTangoCafe's mission includes building a platform that will allow gifted tango instructors (who contrary to some perceptions, often struggle financially) to easily create, share, and profit from their instructional material. I futher recognize that my support of this Digital Honor Policy directly supports this mission, supports our tango instructors, and supports the continued growth of tango.
  • I recognize that I am purchasing this file directly from members of my tango community, and not from a large corporation. I recognize that the fullfillment of iTangoCafe.com's mission relies on my support of this Digital Honor Policy.
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