Alex Krebs and Daniel Trenner, Tangolouges 1
Tangologues is a new series of Instructional dance videos produced by Daniel beginning with this volume in 2010. Listen and watch, as two of tango's most informative and experienced teachers share their craft.

Daniel and Alex Krebs engage in a conversation about Tango, with historical anecdotes, conversations about the tango's techniques, and how they teach. There are sections on tango's basics, different milongueros, the roots of Nuevo vocabulary, musicality, and learning styles. The video culminates in a fabulous section about the exchange of lead and follow, an area of tango's exploration that they both enjoy practicing with each other. There are numerous demos and dances throughout.

Material suitable for all levels of dancers. (BttTV 2010; approx. 80 mins. V751)

Alex Krebs is one of the leading dancers/teachers of the Tango's revival in the United States. Dancing since the mid-90s, Alex has taught throughout the United States and around the world.

His tango was influenced by many people and styles, but early on by Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli (musicality), Fabian Salas (structure of the dance), and Damian Esell and Nancy Louzan (posture, walk, elegance). He studied and danced in Buenos Aires for over six months during seven visits.

He has co-taught and performed with, among others, Luciana Valle (BsAs), Florencia Taccetti (BsAs), Biljana Lipic, Yvonne Meissner, Heidrun Fluk.

Alex is also well known as a tango DJ, and muscian He has been studying the bandoneon since 2002, directed the tango band "Conjunto Berretin." (with 2 CD's recorded) from 2003-2008, and in April 2010, Alex released his cd "Berretineando" under the group name "New York Tango Jam Session" -- a tangho cd for dancing with some of the top tango musicians in the US.

Alex also directs the 14-piece Balkan/Gypsy Brass band the "Krebsic Orkestar" (playing alto sax and arranging): http://www.gypsybrass.com

Alex is completely fanatic about the Argentine tango, and shares his passion with his students. He teaches Argentine tango for the social dance floor, emphasizing the improvisatory side of the dance through a strong communication between the lead and follow and on musicality.

Daniel Trenner is a dance pioneer. From the late 70s until the early 90s he was a mover and shaker in the Jazz, Modern, and Post Modern dance worlds.

He happened on Tango in Buenos Aires in 1986 while he was there teaching Jazz and Improvisation at the State School of Contemporary Dance in the San Martin Theatre. He was one of the first dozen young people involved in tango's revival. He studied with, interviewed, filmed and organized for many of the "Milongueros", the older generation dancers. He has been called a "Johnny Appleseed of Tango" for his 25 years of touring as a tango teacher, visiting more than 100 cities on 4 continents.

He was one of the early proponents of teaching tango by its elements, he created the first Tango tours to Buenos Aires (Bridge to the Tango, eventually bringing more than 1500 people dancing tango in 7 countries), and the first Tango store in North America (The Tango Catalogue). He produced more than 80 volumes of Tango Instructional Video, with more than 40 artists (BttTV). In 1998-2000 Daniel ran an intercultural exchange in Havana Cuba, where he learned the Cuban Salsa.

Before tango Daniel was a tap dancer for more than 10 years with Brenda Bufalino and Leon Collins. He settled in the Pioneer Valley in Northampton, MA in 2002, and is presently teaching at Smith College, Amherst College, Mt Holyoke College, Hampshire College, and the Performing Arts High School (PVPA). Read more about Daniel Trenner at www.danieltrenner.com
Alex & Daniel, Tangolouges
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