Advanced Seminar Vol. 4 with Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida
Volume 4 Learn a rapid-fire section of choreography made by Lorena and Osvaldo for the variation at the end of 'Emancipacion' by Color Tango, then continue with Tango Sequences 10, 11, & 12. (BttTV 2000, 60 mins.)

Two of the best known and most exciting tango performers and teachers anywhere, Lorena Ermocida and Osvaldo Zotto were tango elegance incarnate!

In 1999 they were principal dancers in Miguel Zotto's Tango X 2, and were also featured dancers in the Julio Iglasias world tour. Osvaldo, and his brother Miguel Zotto, are the principal protoges of the late maestro Antonio Todaro. Lorena is an unparalleled technician, who carefully breaks down the details of the figures.

Osvaldo died unexpectedly in 2010. This is the only complete series of instructional videos he ever made.

These are great videos! Filmed during Bridge to the Tango's Advanced Training in Buenos Aires in May 2000, these videos are condensed review of 35 hours of group classes. Only the demos and explanations of Osvaldo and Lorena are shown. Osvaldo speaks in Spanish and Lorena in English. There is a performance by Lorena and Osvaldo, either from class or from the closing party at Club Juvenil, on each volume.

The material is truly at an advanced level.

You will be thrilled and challenged. Each sequence is an involved combination of many different pieces of tango vocabulary. It is therefore impossible to describe exactly what is covered in each volume. Take the seminar in sequence.
Advanced Seminar Vol. 4 with Osvaldo & Lorena
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