Until his untimely death in 2008, Omar Vega was one of the strongest creative forces in the first generation of the tango's revival. He was known as a salon dancer who created all of his unique and innovative ideas on the social dance floor. Omar considered his tango to be based in "natural, sensual movement" >>
Maria and Rodolfo Cieri were fantastic, known for their incredibly fast and precise footwork and for their musicality. They taught and performed all over the world until June of 2000 when Rodolfo passed away. This is a great video, and the only film record of their instruction >>
Rebecca has performed with the finest dancers of her generation, and given workshops across the U.S. Students everywhere seek Rebecca's clear instruction on improvisation, technique, adornments, and musicality >>
Puppy Castello, who died in 2007, was one of the tango revival's most colorful characters. He said the reason he became so good at tango is that he had to, because being short, fat, and ugly, it was the only way to get girls to pay any attention to him. He had a very precise methodology for teaching the tango >>
Tete Rusconi, who died in 2010, and his long time partner Silvia Ceriani, traveled extensively around the world. Tete was known for his incredible tango musicality. Tete and his ex-partner Maria Villelobos were almost solely responsible for the tango world's shift to close embrace style salon dancing in the early 1990s. These are the only full length instructional videos that Tete ever made >>
Elina offers a fun and detailed analysis of the follower's role, dealing with the real issues that arise for a follower in this style on the social dance floor. She covers posture, walking, ochos and how you can adapt to the style of each leader and still take care of your own dance and safety. A great follower's video >>
Tomi O'Connell, a life-long Argentine of Irish decent, is one of those special milongueros whose name is passed between women at the milongas saying: "You have got to feel how he dances, it's fantastic!" He has been dancing tango for more than forty years >>
Daniel and Rebecca were among the first partnerships (1991-96) to introduce serious social tango skills to dancers in North America. They were famous for the clear and concise organization of the material, easy to understand translations of the basic movements and techniques, and accessible exercises. They offer 6 full-length videos together >>
Juan Bruno was known as "The Kid from Ciudadela," because he started becoming famous in 1940 at the age of 16. One of the last active dancers who remained from the "golden years" of the 1940's, a living treasure chest of tango who traveled frequently to Europe and the USA during the revival years of the 1990's. In this tape, more than forty figures are shown >>
Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco are two of tango's brightest young stars. They toured with Forever Tango, including the two years on Broadway, with the orchestra Tango Vivo, and were in the cast of the PBS special, Tango Magic. Diego trained extensively with the great master Antonio Todaro. Diego and Carolina's teaching is clear and precise. Their dancing is exquisite >>
In 1999 they were principal dancers in Miguel Zotto's Tango X 2, and were also featured dancers in the Julio Iglasias world tour. Osvaldo, and his brother Miguel Zotto, are the principal protoges of the late maestro Antonio Todaro. Lorena is an unparalleled technician, who carefully breaks down the details of the figures. These videos are a condensed review of 35 hours of group classes >>
Olga is a fascinating teacher with a deep understanding of the emotional intimacy of tango that is truly the root of its technical adornment. There are sections on rhythmic, spatial, elastic, caressing, turning, joint specific, and boleo adornments. The Art and Technique of Adornment with Olga Besio >>
Florencia began dancing tango in 1985 after a long career as a contemporary dancer. She is a member of the first new generation of Argentine dancers who created the renaissance of the tango in the 1990s, and toured throughout Europe and the United States. Explore her teachings >>
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